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Safety precautions at carrying out of installation works

Safe performance procuring and installation works demands strict observance by workers of safety precautions regulations. Each worker should know and carry out safe working methods well. Only provided that it is possible to warn accidents.

1. The industrial traumatism occurs owing to a number of the reasons:

  • the wrong organisation of works , an assumption to work of the persons who have not received instructing in its safe performance;
  • absence or malfunction of protections and safety devices;
  • failure condition of the tool and adaptations;
  • equipment improper maintenance and mechanisms;
  • neglect workers safety measures.

2. At using load-lifting mechanisms it is necessary to observe following rules strictly:

  • it is impossible to apply load-lifting mechanisms , calculated on weight, smaller than weight of lifted cargo;
  • load-lifting mechanisms should have regularly operating brakes , in gear and worm gears there should be no damages;
  • load-lifting mechanisms should be certified corresponding order, operation of mechanisms without certification or with the delayed term of the next certification is forbidden;
  • at moving of weights it is impossible to be under cargo , and also in places where there can be a cargo in case of cable breakage.

3. At using the metalwork tool it is necessary to observe following safety precautions regulations:

  • it is forbidden to use the tool faulty or not corresponding to carried out work;
  • bojki hammers and sledge hammers should have smooth , slightly convex surface; both hammers and sledge hammers should be strong nasazheny on handles and are fixed on them by wedges;
  • it is impossible to apply chisels and shljambury with the brought down napes;
  • it is impossible to apply to work files, nozhovki and screw-drivers without handles or with the split and badly fixed handles;
  • at work trumpet and wrenches it is not supposed to put on pipe pieces handles of keys and to apply metal linings under sponges of keys.

4. At using the electrotool it is necessary to observe rules of technics of an electrosecurity strictly:

  • is inadmissible to work about the current carrying parts which have been not protected by protections, casings;
  • metal casings, electric motors, electrodrills, metal parts of starting devices, machine tools and other devices which can appear energised in case of isolation damage, should be earthed ;
  • for portable electric fixtures at to change pressure not above 36 In;
  • the wires spending an electrocurrent to the welding device and from the welding device to a place of welding, should be isolated and are protected from action of heats and mechanical damages.

5. At carrying out of welding works it is necessary:

  • to close the person special guards to protect eyes from harmful action of light and invisible ultra-violet and infra-red radiation;
  • for elimination of the reasons , fires promoting occurrence at carrying out of welding works, it is necessary to protect carefully wooden and other easily flammable parts and designs of buildings from ignition by sheet asbestos;
  • after the termination of welding works it is necessary to check carefully a premise and a zone where welding works were spent, and not to leave an open flame and decaying subjects.