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Opilivanie of pipes

Opilivaniem is called processing surfaces of a metal detail (pipe) as a file for the purpose of reception of the set form, the appointed sizes and demanded cleanliness of a surface.

the File - the tool cutting. Cutting action is made by the teeths notched on its surface removing from processed metal a shaving in the form of sawdust.

There are files rectangular, semicircular, square, trihedral, round (fig. 74) with a notch different krupnosti. Such variety of forms of files allows to saw round external and internal surfaces of a different configuration with success.


a Fig. 74. Files
And - kinds of notches (I - drachevogo, II - personal, III - velvet files); - file forms (1 - flat; 2 - semicircular; 3 - square; 4 - triangular; 5 - round)

On size of a notch files happen drachevye, personal and velvet .

Files are made of a tool steel and necessarily pass thermal processing. They happen various length. On a file shaft strongly nasazhivajut the handle.

and pipes saw round Details clamped in a vice or a clip.