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It is sharp pipes

It is sharp pipes - one of the basic operations at performance of installation works . As a rule, it is sharp it is made in the mechanised way with pomopgju specialised roller and reztsovyh machine tools, or general purpose machine tools - privodnye nozhovki, machine tools with abrasive disks (Bulgarian) etc.

To cutting of pipes manually apply nozhovki on metal and truborezy.

Nozhovochnyj the machine tool (fig. 71) the lamb, and in a back part - with a tail core represents the sliding framework interfaced in a forward part with the tension screw, having. In nozhovochnom the machine tool by means of the screw and a core fastens nozhovochnoe a cloth. The machine tool can be moved apart for different length according to length nozhovochnogo cloths. For this purpose it is supplied by a holder and in its framework cuts are made. The mobile part of a framework is fixed in a holder and fastened to a forward part of a framework screws.

Manual nozhovochnyj the machine tool with otemnoj a holder

a Fig. 71. Manual nozhovochnyj the machine tool with otemnoj a holder

On fig. 72 it is shown sliding nozhovka to other design at which the holder is directly connected to the handle nozhovochnogo the machine tool. The form and a handle arrangement are more convenient for work.

  • For cloth fastening in nozhovochnom the machine tool there are in the tension screw and a tail core of a cut, and also the apertures corresponding to apertures in nozhovochnom a cloth. A cloth insert into cuts so that its teeths have been directed forward, and trailer apertures have coincided with apertures in the tension screw and a tail core. In the coincided apertures get pins and densely pull a lamb. The tightness should not be excessive, differently there can be a cloth rupture; but also should not be weak as then the cloth at work will be bent and eventually will break.
  • At rezke pipes nozhovkami on metal a pipe fix in a vice or a clip with that condition that the line reza settled down as it is possible more close to clip sheet.
  • Nozhovochnyj hold the machine tool left a hand for a framework, and right for the handle. Pressing a cloth make only at a working course, i.e. At a course forward. In an operating time it is necessary to watch that in rezke all would participate nozhovochnoe a cloth and it did not overheat.

Manual nozhovochnyj the machine tool with a holder fixed in the handle of the machine tool

a Fig. 72. Manual nozhovochnyj the machine tool with a holder fixed in the handle of the machine tool

More proizvoditelno , than at work manual nozhovkoj, pererezka pipes roller truborezom.
On fig. 73 it is shown three-roller truborez for pipes in diameter to 2 inches. It consists of the case 1, a mobile holder 2, the clamping screw of 3 and cutting rollers 4.

Three-roller truborez

a Fig. 73. Three-roller truborez
1 - the case; 2 - a mobile holder; 3 - clamping the screw; 4 - cutting rollers

Work as this tool so .

  • Having greased with lubricating oil a cut place on a pipe clamped in a clip, bring the left hand truborez to a pipe from below; the right rotate clamping the screw, achieving, that rollers slightly ran into a pipe.
  • When it is reached, make truborezom kachatelnye movements upwards and downwards and thus pull together rollers rotation of the handle of the clamping screw truboreza more and more.
  • After a while the pipe appears cut in the planned place. Thus it is necessary to hold the hanging down end of a pipe with a hand.
  • the External agnails formed on cuts of pipes at their cutting roller truborezom, delete a file.