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It is flexible pipes

To gibke pipes resort for reception of smooth turns in pipelines.

At installation of pipelines gnutye taps have a number of advantages before squares. They first of all represent smaller resistance for heat-carrier pass that has essential value for systems of water heating with natural circulation. Besides, taps can be bent at any angle. At last, application of taps and others gnutyh details gives the chance to reduce quantity of carving connections.

The Most widespread kinds gnutja in pipelines - it is taps, ducks, skoby and kalatches (fig. 69).

Kinds gnutja

a Fig. 69. Kinds gnutja
And - tap; - a duck; in - skoba; g - a kalatch

Machine tool Volnova

a Fig. 70. Machine tool Volnova
1 - a nave; 2 - a plate; 3 - a motionless roller; 4 - skoba; 5 - a mobile roller; 6 - the handle; 7 - a collar

It is flexible inch pipes in diameter of 1/2 and 3/4 it is made on the manual machine tool of a design of Volnova (fig. 70) which consists of a nave 1 with a plate 2 for machine tool fastening on a workbench, a motionless roller 3 with a collar 7 and skoby 4 with a mobile roller 5 and the handle 6.

to bend on the machine tool a pipe , it insert between rollers so that its end has entered in skobu. After that, undertaken the handle, povertyvajut skobu with a mobile roller round a motionless axis before reception at a pipe of a necessary bend. For effort increase are flexible the machine tool handle it is possible to extend with a pipe piece.

For are flexible pipes bolshego diameter electromechanical machine tools are used.