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Electric welding of pipes

Electric welding is based on use of heat of an electric arch . At electric welding one wire from the welding transformer attach to a welded subject, and another - to an electrode clamped in the special holder. Approaching an electrode to a welded joint, light an electric arch. Warmth of an arch rasplavljajutsja the basic metal, a welding wire and a gumboil with which the electrode is covered. The electrode covering carries out following functions: stabilises burning of a welding arch, protects the fused metal of a welded seam from oxygen influence. Electric welding is more favourable gas as for it it is not required gas.

At gas and electric welding of pipes between them leave for formation of a seam a backlash in 2-3 mm; welded end faces clear of a rust, scale, oil, a paint. At end faces of pipes with thickness of a wall 4 mm there are more chamfer. At any way and a welding kind it should not be formed on an internal surface of pipes of flows. In these purposes at welding in a joint of pipes in diameter 1 / 2 - 1 inch often apply nadvizhnye mufty from pipes bolshego diameter (fig. 68).

Welding of pipes with the help nadvizhnoj mufty

a Fig. 68. Welding of pipes with the help nadvizhnoj mufty