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Calculation of the area, the size
And numbers of heating devices

teplootdajushchej surfaces of the heating device define the Area depending on the accepted kind of the device, its arrangement indoors and schemes of joining to pipes. In premises number of devices and consequently, and necessary teplootdachu each device establish, as a rule, on number of window apertures. In angular premises add one more device placed in a deaf face wall.

the calculation Problem consists first of all in definition of the area of an external heating surface of the device providing in settlement conditions a necessary thermal stream from the heat-carrier in a premise. Then under the catalogue of devices, proceeding from the settlement area, the next trading size of the device (number of sections or radiator mark (length konvektora or a ridge pipe) steals up.

Number of sections of pig-iron radiators define under the formula :

Where f1 - the area of one section, (m 2 ); a radiator accepted to installation indoors; b4 - the correction factor considering a way of installation of a radiator indoors; b3 - the correction factor considering number of sections in one radiator also is calculated under the formula:

b3=0,97 + 0,06/Fp;

Where Fp - the settlement area of the heating device, m 2 .