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Designs of heating devices

as the Radiator section is called the device of konvektivno-radiating type consisting from separate kolonchatyh of elements of sections with channels round or elipsoobraznoj of the form. Such radiator gives to a premise radiation about 25% of the general thermal stream transferred from the heat-carrier (the others of 75% - konvektsiej) and is called "Ёрфшр=юЁюь" only by tradition.

radiator Sections cast from grey pig-iron , they can be packed in devices of the various area. Sections connect on nipples to linings from a cardboard, rubber or paronita.

various designs one - two - Are known, and multicolumned sections of various height, but are most extended dvuhkolonchatye sections (fig. 27) averages (assembly height hм=500 mm) radiators.

Manufacture of pig-iron radiators is labour-consuming , installation is complicated izza bulkiness and considerable weight of the collected devices. Radiators cannot be considered satisfying sanitarnogigienicheskim to requirements as clearing of a dust of intersection space is difficult. These devices possess considerable thermal inertia. At last, it is necessary to note discrepancy of their appearance to an interior of premises in buildings of modern architecture. The specified lacks of radiators cause of their replacement with easier and less metal-consuming devices. Despite it pig-iron radiators are the most widespread now the heating device.

Now pig-iron section radiators with building depth of 90 mm and 140 mm (type "¦юёътр" are issued by the industry; in abbreviated form M, type "Р=рэфрЁ=" MS and others). On fig. 28 designs of let out pig-iron radiators are resulted.

All pig-iron radiators are calculated on working pressure to 6 from m 2 .
As measuring instruments of a surface of heating of heating devices serve a physical indicator - square metre of a surface of heating and teplotehnichesky an indicator - equivalent square metre (ek m 2 ). As equivalent square metre is called the area of the heating device giving at 1 o'clock 435 kcal of heat at a difference of average temperature of the heat-carrier and air 64,5 ° With and the expense of water in this device 17,4 kg/hour under the scheme of movement of the heat-carrier from top to down.

Dvuhkolonchataja radiator section

a Fig. 27. Dvuhkolonchataja section of a radiator
h p - full height; h m - assembly height (building); b - building depth

Technical characteristics of radiators are resulted in tab. 21.

Steel panel radiators consist of two stamped sheets forming horizontal collectors, connected by vertical columns (kolonchataja the form), or horizontal in parallel and consistently connected channels (zmeevikovaja the form). The coil can be executed from a steel pipe and to weld on one profilirovannomu to a steel sheet; such device is called listotrubnym (fig. 34).

Pig-iron radiators and - М-140-АО (М-140-АО-300); - М-140; in - РД-90

a Fig. 28. Pig-iron radiators and - М-140-АО (М-140-АО-300); - М-140; in - РД-90

 Pig-iron radiators

a Fig. 29. Pig-iron radiators

Pig-iron radiators

a Fig. 30. Pig-iron radiators

 Pig-iron radiators 

a Fig. 31. Pig-iron Ёрфшр=юЁ№ 

Pig-iron radiators

a Fig. 32. Pig-iron Ёрфшр=юЁ№ 


a Fig. 33. Pig-iron radiators

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