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Installation teplogeneratorov

Placing of heating coppers (devices), as a rule, should be provided in special premises (top internal), having a flue and the ventilating channel.

Natural ventilation should provide triple air exchange within one hour, without considering air necessary for burning. The premise should have electric illumination firm fuel in kitchen on sanitary-and-hygienic indicators it is not recommended. Installation of a copper (device) on firm fuel in a house cellar allows to increase a circulating pressure, thereby to reduce diameters of pipes, to improve a sanitary-and-hygienic condition indoors.

At installation teplogeneratora in a premise constructed of combustible materials , distance from a copper to walls, overlappings and partitions not less than 0,5 m. Distance it should be possible to reduce about 0,25 m under condition of a covering of combustible designs a roofing steel on an asbestine cardboard in the thickness of 8 mm.

At placing teplogeneratora at fireproof or trudnosgoraemoj walls the distance between it and a wall should be not less than 5 sm, the same distance can be provided under condition of facing of combustible designs of the house by a brick on an edge on height of 1,5 m.

For protection of a floor and walls against ignition at installation teplogeneratora on firm and liquid fuel it is necessary to provide on combustible or difficultly combustible to a floor under top internal dverkoj metal sheet in the size 0,7x0,5 m from a roofing steel on asbestotsementnomu to a cardboard in the thickness of 8 mm. Before a copper (pass not less than 1,25 m - at work on firm and liquid fuel, and not less 1ΠΌ - at work on gas should be the device, the furnace).