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Systems of water heating of a country house

Laconic Englishmen have thought up the fine proverb which has contained many in a few words: "¦ющ the house - mine ъЁхяюё=і". Here it is told about that house that will protect the owner not only from rainy weather and deposits, but also from an everyday hardship. However first of all the dwelling urged to warm, create heat and a cosiness to the owner.

  • The Similar comfort cannot be provided without successfully developed and mounted system of heating. For today, thanks to well developed modern technologies, already there is a set of versions of heating systems. For example, collective and individual which warm inhabitants of apartment houses and private cottages accordingly. Certainly, we will not go into details heating of high-rise buildings - you to yourselves not begin to build up a five-floor cottage. Yes if and so - will invite the expert-builder with the long-term experience, and all will make practically without your intervention, only the project will sign. We bring to your attention the information on systems of water heating of a country house, such that it is possible to build and warm own hands.

    So, there are two basic types of country houses. To the first category, the dwellings intended for residing all year long concern the second - houses of so-called country type, that is summer where to have a good time only during a warm season, where warmly while solar weather, in a heat a swimming season in the street keeps. And so, at first it is necessary to be defined, what exactly suits at present you: the first or second variant, and how much will suffice at you endurance, patience and, the main thing, desires to make to itself a local country heavenly spot where it is possible to stop and in winter colds, and in an autumn impassability of roads. If you are assured of yourselves - then to you here!

    On our site you can find the detailed information by all kinds of systems of the heating intended for any type of a country small house. Here almost full management on optimum use and operation chosen by you for country "ъЁхяюё=ш" is presented; heating system. However, there is a small reservation. We will tell exclusively about water heating as gas it is too dangerous and difficult for independent manufacturing and installation, a torch on firm fuel, black oil and diesel fuel for dwelling, perhaps, too will not approach. And here that is offered for independent manufacturing - safely and is tested by set of workmen, skilful hands. In particular for water heating of small country houses the system with natural circulation is used. In this sort of designs circulation is created thanks to various density of cold and hot water. Pressure in them very small, is calculated on short enough cycle of the pipeline with hot heating. For this reason such systems of heating also are not applied at the big extent of premises. For qualitative heating of buildings with the big area and extent, use technology with artificial circulation. In this case liquid circulation is made under the influence of the pump which creates necessary pressure.

  • The Core and while an invariable element of almost any system of heating is the source of a heat supply named teplogeneratorom, he creates thermal energy, as warms us in a cold season. On a site there is a detailed description of the most widespread coppers for today and various teplogeneratorov, and also their features and technical characteristics. Also the information and on coal teplogeneratoram which, owing to the autonomy and simplicity of a design, do not demand especial expenses for maintenance service Here contains. For this reason they have got wide popularity among skilled experts and usual consumers and are extended enough in systems of water heating of country houses.

    The information Placed here will help to pick up correctly heating devices, proceeding from features of dwelling, to place them most effectively and correctly to use. And moreover, here it is possible to spend calculations, under available formulas in which result you learn, how many it is necessary heating devices for your country small house to provide in it comfortable residing.

    Small digression on the given subjects. There are radiators section (from pig-iron habitual to us), steel panel, panel concrete, gladkotrubnye devices, and also konvektory. All of them have the advantages and the lacks caused by application of various materials at their manufacturing, and also constructive decisions by manufacture. Radiators are connected among themselves by heat conductors, in aggregate forming heating system. As heat conductors pipes of various diameter are used.

  • There is such concept, as "=хьяхЁр=ѕЁр ъюь¶юЁ=р". It is the ambient temperature by practical consideration calculated by the American scientists at which the human body feels cosy, that is to it neither hot, nor it is cold, and "т most Ёрч". On the average it is equal + to 21 degree on Celsius. For maintenance such here comfortable attitude indoors not to arrange to itself a bath of some months, the zaporno-adjusting equipment or, better to say, "тхэ=шыі" is thought up;. It is the crane with which help it is possible to limit giving of a hot liquid from teplogeneratora to pipes, that is to establish that pressure when in an invariable kind the necessary temperature of air is supported.

    If you still never undertook independently installation of heating systems in own dwelling for certain it was necessary to observe as required as it was done by others. So, you know that welding is thus used. Not important, which. Here can be applied both gas and electric welding. Both of them in this case can trust, the prominent features, pluses and minuses are inherent in each of kinds at installation of systems in small and big premises. Certainly, experts know, where it is better to apply electric welding, and where the gas. But before to address to them, glance here - we will try to help to understand, how to make installation of system of water heating by means of this method. By the way, exists also carving connection of elements of a design. Probably to strengthen something and without intervention "юуэхф№°рЁш§ яЁшсюЁют".

    Today such ordinary phrase is popular: "-рёхё=тхээюх heating - a handwork чрьхЁчр¦Ёш§". And, maybe, and correctly - that not merznut in expectation of favour by nature, weathers, the authorities and visiting of specially trained guys with an enormous operational experience or experts with higher education for heating of separately taken local cottage in the country, - can be indeed to think the head, how to warm itself for a long time, and to make heating by the skilful hands. Do not wait! And we will help you.

    Good luck!